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Bob Libal Releases New Video Highlighting the Urgent Need for Change at the County Level

“Dear Felix” video is addressed to Libal’s 1 year old son and highlights needs for Travis County to ensure affordability and meaningfully tackle climate crisis

AUSTIN — Today, Bob Libal’s campaign for Travis County Commissioners Court, Precinct 2 released its new video, “Dear Felix.” The short video is addressed to Libal’s one-year-old son, highlighting the need to address systemic issues now, instead of leaving future generations to deal with the devastating fallout from our community’s affordability crisis and the climate crisis.

Libal issued the following statement:

“I did not make the decision to run for public office lightly. However, it has become increasingly clear to me that politics-as-usual in Travis County isn’t cutting it.

As a new parent, I couldn’t wait to see if someone else would take on the task of challenging a status quo that has failed to meet the challenges our community faces. During the past decade, we’ve experienced rising inequality, and many residents have been forced out due to a lack of affordable housing. Meanwhile, Travis County voted to give millions of dollars in tax breaks to Tesla, a company run by the world’s richest man.

I’ve been a resident here for over 20 years. I’ve spent those decades fighting for our community as an organizer and as a civil rights leader. We’re living in a time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. We need public servants who will tackle these challenges head-on. With bold action iIt is possible to stem inequality and create affordability, to build a local Green New Deal, and to invest in justice, not new jails.”

Bob Libal is a nationally recognized civil rights leader, community organizer, and the former executive director of Grassroots Leadership. Bob is running for County Commissioner Pct 2 in the March 1st Democratic Primary because he believes that Travis County should be a force for bold, progressive change. Learn more about his campaign at


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